• 250,00


    2 euro commemorative

    Belgium 2014: 150 years Red Cross

    This coin does not contain the normal Belgian edge lettering (☆  â˜†  2  ☆  ☆  2), but GOD*ZIJ*MET*ONS*, which is normally used for coins from the Netherlands. 
    The number of these coins is estimated on 10 to 20 only! Only 1 coin available on Euronotes.be!

    The inner part of the coin features a cross with the number ‘150’ in its centre. The vertical and horizontal bars of the cross bear the words ‘Rode Kruis’ and ‘Croix-Rouge’ respectively. The cross is surrounded by the mark of the Brussels mint (a helmeted profile of the archangel Michael), the signature mark of the Master of the Mint, the year 2014, and the country code ‘BE’.

    The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

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